L-3 Communications Avionics Systems
Trilogy Electronic Standby Instrument

If you are upgrading to a glass cockpit, go all glass by adding a Trilogy™ Electronic Standby Instrument (ESI). The Trilogy ESI provides dependable backup for attitude, altitude, airspeed, slip/skid and optional heading information. It’s the first solid-state integrated standby system specifically created for General Aviation aircraft and helicopters. The Trilogy ESI replaces traditional electro-mechanical standby instruments and combines the information into a compact and easy to read 4” x 3” display. Its space-saving footprint, internal lithium ion battery and complete digital design make it the ideal standby for both new aircraft as well as those outfitted with aging or traditional analog gauges.

 Trilogy Key Features 

  • Combines attitude, altitude, airspeed, slip/skid and optional heading data into a single digital display
  • Logically grouped flight data eliminates multiple instruments, making the transition to standby easier
  • Internal battery (ESI-2000 model) provides flight data for a minimum of one hour after power loss 
  • Single instrument reduces weight and scan times vs. reading multiple instruments
  • Solid-state design offers increased reliability compared to electro-mechanical instruments
Stormscope Lightning Detection Systems
Skywatch Collision Avoidance Systems

Stormscope Weather Mapping Systems were the first airborne instruments developed specifically to detect and map thunderstorms by analyzing the radiated signals of electrical discharges from storm cells. During the cumulus stage of a thunderstorm, storm cells are usually precipitation-free, and weather radar is unable to show activity. Stormscope, by detecting the electrical activity already present as the storm builds, provides an accurate view of areas that should be avoided. Stormscope processes both azimuth and range to determine the location and intensity of dangerous thunderstorm cells – then presents the findings in real-time.

Stormscope Series Key Features 

  • Plots lightning as it happens, before the onset of precipitation
  • Displays lightning in 25, 50, 100 and 200 nmi ranges
  • Pilot selectable Cell and Strike modes
  • 360-degree view or 120-degree forward looking
  • Updates lightning information every second
  • Strike Rate indicator details building or dissipating storms
  • Integrates with SkyWatch Collision Avoidance Systems



For over 10 years, pilots have trusted SkyWatch® Collision Avoidance Systems to help them fly safely. SkyWatch was the first active collision avoidance system certified for General Aviation (GA). More than 10,000 systems are installed in aircraft ranging from single engine airplanes to helicopters to luxury business jets. SkyWatch is so trusted, it is the preferred choice of top aircraft manufacturers worldwide. With an unmatched warranty and years of collision avoidance development, SkyWatch is the original “No Compromise” collision avoidance system.


SkyWatch Series Key Features 

  • Self-calibrating antenna constantly maintains the bearing accuracy of tracked targets and offers the most precise traffic positioning information
  • Verbal Intruder Positioning (VIP) announces range, bearing and relative altitude of intruder aircraft through the cockpit’s audio system
  • Unmatched 5-Year  Warranty
  • “Look Up/Look Down” altitude display modes highlight specific layers of relative altitude range — useful during climbs, descents and takeoff
  • Optional bottom mount antenna installation, useful for helicopter applications
  • Integrates with Stormscope Lightning Detection Systems
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