The IFD-540 is now certified. Upgrade your existing GNS-530 system to the retrofit IFD-540 Touch Screen today.

EX600 Multi Function Display

The Best MFD Available

The EX600 keeps you connected with the complete weather picture, allowing you to view datalink graphical weather information that is seamlessly integrated with your flight plan moving map, lightning, traffic, and terrain display.

Bigger, Brighter Display

The EX600 features an all-new, high-resolution, sunlight-readable transflective color liquid-crystal display that provides the brightest, most versatile big-screen display available. With over 40% more pixels than our previous-generation MFD, and an incredibly wide viewing angle, the EX600 provides the look and feel of big-screen MFDs.

Radar, Datalink Weather & More

Weather is a critical factor in the successful completion of any flight and Avidyne leads the industry in weather avoidance-capable multifunction displays. In addition to interfacing with 19 different on-board weather radar systems, the EX600 also displays color lightning and both broadcast and two-way satellite datalink weather.

TAS600 Series Traffic Advisory System

Avidyne’s TAS600-series Traffic Advisory Systems bring affordable active-surveillance traffic detection to the flight decks of general aviation aircraft.

Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS), which are based on the technology originally developed for air-transport category traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS), have been available for general aviation aircraft for several years, but have been costprohibitive for many owner-flown aircraft.  Until now.

With the new TAS600 series, Avidyne offers three different TAS systems, tailored for the type of aircraft you fly. These feature-rich, value-priced TAS600 systems are fully TSO certified, surpassing the performance capabilities of many highercost traffic systems and setting a new standard for active-surveillance traffic capability and affordability.

TWX670 Tactical Weather Detection System

Introducing the TWX670 Tactical Weather Detection System - Lightning is the first physical property of a storm cell that can be detected, and unlike precipitation, lightning is the best determinant of dangerous thunderstorm activity.

Avidyne’s new TWX670 is a third-generation lightning-based weather detection system that provides a simple and intuitive color-contoured display with instantaneous picture of surrounding weather.

Great Accuracy Means Truly Tactical Weather Detection

The TWX670 is the first and only lightning-based, real time, tactical, color weather avoidance solution. It accurately detects and clearly displays electrical discharges– the primary indicator of thunderstorms–in real time, regardless of aircraft maneuvering. With its significantly-improved accuracy over previous-generation lightning detection systems, the TWX670 provides true tactical weather avoidance in the critical 0 – 25nm range, making it a perfect complement to the strategic benefits of satellite-based datalink weather.

Completing the Picture

Lightning is one of the first physical properties of a storm cell that can be detected, and unlike precipitation, lightning is the best determinant of dangerous thunderstorm activity. Storm cells and their intensities are displayed in color contours eliminating the guess-work associated with interpreting legacy weather displays. Providing a color-contoured map of a thunderstorm’s electrical activity over time, the TWX670 easily allows the pilot to determine the areas of greatest intensity, and clearly identify areas with potential for convective wind shear, turbulence, microbursts, hail and icing.


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